Meet Jules or Julia Brenner

About the Author

I’m an 11 year old girl that loves my dogs! I live in Lancaster P.A.! I have 3 dogs named Izzy, Daisy, and Haley! I love them very much! Izzy and Haley are pit bulls! Grrr they are so mean! NOT! They are all so nice! Daisy is so nice to! She is a beagle-foxhound! Haley is brown and white, Daisy is tri-color and Izzy is black and white! I have a huge family! I love having so many relatives around! I love them all! I play the clarinet! I love writing and math! They are both so awesome! I love to write poetry and you’ll see a lot of that!You’ll also see a lot of my crazy family to! I have an exciting life!I love to be called Jules.

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